Creating and Supporting Free Financial
Education Curriculum, Games and tools
for teens and young adults...

The key to financial success,
is living within your means.

Managing Your Money

Personal money management is a very important aspect of your life. The way your money is handled can effect what you can do and where you can go. So, learning the best way to handle your money is a vital step toward determining the direction your life can take.
More information is avaiable at Consumerjungle org >

"Recognize your source of income, where your income is going, and how to best distribute your money to mirror what you value the most."

Our Projects

The free curriculum to the right was originally part of the website that YACET developed and maintained for over 10 years. Currently that curriculum has been integrated with the Take Charge Today curriculum and is available for free to educators across the country.

  • Curriculum - Buying a car.
  • Curriculum - Purchasing a Cell phone and plan.
  • Curriculum - Credit types and how to use them.
  • Curriculum - Independant living finances.
  • Curriculum - Purchasing technology, computers and devices.

The nested organizations to the left are now managing our Consumer Jungle website which has become a source of financial education information and contests for students and young adults.

Our Services

We provide the financial resources and guidance to develop and maintain our internal projects: financial curriculum, games and contests for the web, and mobile apps.

e-LEMONator our latest project is currently in development. 


This mobile device game/learning app is a fun way to learn about buying a car.


Through partnerships, websites, newspapers, and mobile games YACET is dedicated to provide knowledge and the path to financial stability for the young people of our country.